The Band

Byron Prather
Lead Vocals, Guitar

Byron likes to jump around on stage a lot. When he’s not doing that he resides in the thriving metropolis of Issaquah, WA enjoying fine cuisine like pizza and burgers. Byron’s day job consists of managing very large Web sites.

Tim Mushen
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Tim is the President of Clocktower Media in Kirkland, WA and a voting member of the Grammy Awards. But what’s really important here is that Tim loves to play searing hot rock and roll hits on his guitar. Tim also has lots of cool amps.

Chuck Dorsett
Keyboards, Vocals

Chuck likes to spend his evenings tickling the ivory….and the ebony. Chuck has also been known to grab the bass guitar, tambourine, or even a kazoo, whatever it takes to rock this place to the ground. During the day Chuck can be found doing really super geeky stuff with computers.

Jeff Lockhart
Drums, Vocals

When Jeff isn’t pounding on drums in front of large crowds he spends his days as the Executive Director of the Kirkland Performance Center. Jeff is also Executive Director of the Creatio Institute at Northwest University and a voting member of the Grammy Awards. When fans start asking us to recite Beatles trivia at the end of our shows we quickly send them to Jeff.

Warren Kinser
Bass, Vocals

If you need more cowbell Warren has you covered. Aside from playing smoking hot bass guitar Warren can be found leading conga lines, climbing up through secret hatches in the stage floor, and starting random dance contests. Warren has the dubious distinction of being the “fun” guy in the band.